It’s World Continence Week!

Dr Ashani Couchman smiling at the camera, sitting at an office desk.

It’s World Continence Week!

From the Calvary North Adelaide Facebook Page:

It is world continence week!

Here, Urologist Dr Ashani Couchman from BetterBladders, comments on some key issues.

  • Incontinence does not discriminate based on age or gender, with five million Australians suffering from this condition.
  • Delayed night time continence or bedwetting can be a huge issue for a child and family. Bed wetting can also occur later in life as an evolution of bladder issues and complex medical problems.
  • Teenagers can experience giggle incontinence which can be debilitating with severe effects on confidence and social engagement.
  • Urine leak on activity is commonly the presentation considered when we talk about incontinence, but is only a small proportion of the population suffering from incontinence.
  • Urine leak post prostate intervention is common and often ignored.
  • Incontinence is a problem for a large number of Australians with serious consequences. Together we can help cure this insidious disease. So reach out to your GP, nurse, physiotherapist, urogynaecologist or urologist for help and guidance.

Dr Couchman is a Urologist. She is also Chair of the Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Medical Advisory Committee, and Chair of the Children’s and Young Person Committee at the International Continence Society.

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